Meet Oona Dhabhar, the woman who helped the CondeNast group launch of some its most iconic brands in India – GQ and Vogue. With over 20 years of marketing experience across consumer industries, Dhabhar has a nuanced sense of how the brand landscape is changing. She is an early adaptor of technology and social media because her audiences are were quick to move there but admits the core of brand building remains steeped in understanding the consumer. “Fundamentals have not changed but the medium to achieve that may have evolved,” Dhabhar says. “Defining the product offering and making sure that the product experience is absolutely delightful.”

She strives to get a balance going between her work and family life. Her 13 year old daughter is her inspiration to learn more and adapt to what millennials want and think. Dhabhar’s calm demeanour and warmth reinforce her tenacious grip on the branding market and make her stand apart in a the universe of marketeers.

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