North Korea has always been a country deep under censorship and in such circumstances a teenage girl has come out and not just participated but won the world championship in diving. Kim Kuk-Hyang, a sixteen-year-old girl, made her country proud by winning the historic gold medal at the World Aquatic Championship held in Kazan, Russia, this Thursday. It was an impeccable victory in the women’s 10m platform final.

After Kuk-Hyang won the coveted title, she went on to give the first tribute to the country leader Kim Jong-Un. Kim saluted during the medal ceremony, calling it a sign of respect to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, according to an AP report.

It is said to be the first medal ever for North Korea in the aquatic world championship and Kuk-Hyang did it. “The 16-year-old produced a stunning final dive to take the title with 397.05 points leaving 14-year-old Chinese diver Ren Qian to take silver with 388pts,” says a Zee News report.

Kuk-Hyang’s win has weakened China’s hold over the diving championship in the past. Though, they still won six events of the total of nine.

The girl was in tears when she won the medal and wished to go home with people cheering for her. “I hope when I go home that people will come out onto the streets to celebrate and I will do everything I can to win an Olympic gold medal next year,” told the North Korean champion to BBC.

Those who have reached the finals in the city of Kazan have automatically won spots in their country’s team for Olympics 2016, which is going to be held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Picture Credit- Zee News