She started yoga at 9 and it’s been a mission since then. Niharika Tugnait, 24 is a young Indian origin girl based out of Toronto who recently joined SheThePeople.TV at our summit She Leads India in Delhi. Niharika learned yoga from her grand parents but then quickly built on it to make it interesting for young students. During this visit, shortly after attending She Leads India, Niharika went to Haryana to the home of the Phogat sisters to train them on some new ways of yoga.

But those aren’t the only ones impressed by this young girl’s yoga addiction. She performed in a stadium full of 10,000 plus people during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 and impressed him. Mr Modi went ahead to tweet about her performance.

In this video, Niharika chats with Sakshi Talwar on her journey, inspiration and struggles. And why yoga could be a gamechanger for training athletes.

Niharika Tugnait