Vacations, they say make for great memories. However, if you want a memory for life, go and skydive. Skydiving changes you. Yesterday I successfully completed my first ever tandem jump in the small town of Most in Czech Republic and wanted to share my experience.

Adrenalin Rush: We all like an adrenalin rush from time to time and there is nothing better than skydiving. Free falling from a height of 5000 meters is an incomparable & exhilarating feeling. You tremble, you shout, you pray and then you CONQUER!

Challenge your fear: We all have our share of fears and jumping from an airplane definitely occupies the top spot for me. The whole experience allowed me to challenge my fear and emerge stronger. You face the fear head-on and the fear disappears.

Forget about your worries: I have never felt clearer in my head as yesterday. All the worries cease to exist and you can just enjoy your date with the clouds. It is a moment of unadulterated joy.

Extremely Safe: If you choose a credible company, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in skydiving. At every step of the process, detailed instructions are provided, which are easy to remember and follow. Right from the person who drives you to the airport to the person who jumps with you, everyone is supportive & friendly.

Memory for Life: The first skydive is a memory to cherish and will be a constant reminder about your strong will & determination. Whether it is a horrible day at work or any other problem, the memories of that first skydive will make you smile.

Pretty from the top: I chose Czech Republic for my Skydive and the panoramic view amplified the experience. Once the parachute opens, the view is breath taking and the slow descent allows you to soak in the atmosphere.

Easier than you think: If you are within permissible weight range & reasonable health, you can do it. Even with no prior experience of adventure sports, it is something one can go for.

Live once, live well: There is no right time for anything. The day you feel like something, go for it.  Do not defer your skydiving plans and go for it. Just do some basic research before finalising it.