Sloane Stephens won her first Grand Slam title, beating Madison Keys in the final. She won a $3.7 million prize for her victory. She had been on the sidelines for 11 months after she had injured her left foot, and only returned in July

She became only the fifth unseeded player to win a women’s Slam title. She jumped more than 900 spots in world rankings in a month. This was the first all American US Open final since 2002, where Serena Williams defeated Venus Williams. She is the first American woman other than the Williams sisters to win a grand slam title in 15 years.

She won against her friend and fellow American, Madison Keys.

“Maddie is my best friend on tour,” Stephens said. “I told her I wished there could have been a draw. I’m going to support her no matter what and she’s going to support me no matter what.”

After her win, Stephens hosted a memorableness conference.

“I should just retire now. I’ll never be able to top this. Talk about a comeback. Things just have to come together and the past six weeks they really have,” she said.

“It’s incredible,” Stephens said. “I had surgery January 23. If sone told me then I’d win the US Open, it’s imposssible I’d say, absolutely impossible.

Stephens started playing tennis at the age of 9. Her mother is a collegiate swimmer and her late father was an NFL. She made her breakthrough when she defeated Serena Williams in 2013, to reach the Australian Open semifinal.

She is one of the three players who has never had the No 1 ranking to beat both Williams sisters in grand slam events.

Hers is an incredible story of an underdog taking the competition. We can’t wait to see more of her in the future.

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