A 33-year-old national level shooter, Ayisha Falaq, shot two men who abducted her brother-in-law. The police informed that Ms Falaq had fired two bullets, on both the convicts, according to a report in NDTV.

Mr Asif Falaq, Ayisha’s brother-in-law, who is a part-time taxi driver in New Delhi, had on Thursday, gone to Daryaganj to pick up two men who had booked his taxi online. While dropping them off at Shastri Nagar, around 10pm, these men grabbed Asif and took him to a village in Bhopra, near the Haryana border, and demanded a ransom Rs 25,000 from his family.

The family thereafter alerted the police and Ms Falaq along with her husband Falaq Sher Alam went to the spot where kidnappers had called them. She decided to keep the bag full of money with herself and meet the kidnappers.

Ayisha carried her licensed .32 bore pistol fired the shots at the kidnappers in self-defence to save Asif’s life. She shot one of the men on his waist, the other in his foot, according to a report in The Business Standard.

It was after a very long time that the Avisha took up her licensed gun to shoot. She told the police that the kidnappers had already suspected them of having informed the police. “They came out of the car and it was then that I shot them at their feet,” she said.

Ms Falaq teaches basic self-defense techniques for girls. “So I often teach these techniques and I was not scared,” she added.

The police then arrested the two men from the spot of abduction where they had kidnapped Asif, who were later identified as Mohammad Rafi and Akash.

“It is a very brave effort. It was past midnight and since she is a national-level shooter, her aim was real good,” said police spokesman and a senior officer Ravinder Yadav.

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