India is not the ideal country for women -this has been established multiple times in the past, but there are some women who suffer more than others in our country. Women with special needs or difficult circumstances rarely find relief in government. They have limited and sometimes unsafe employment options, this, coupled with other factors can make the lives of such distressed women very difficult in a country like India. The state of Madhya Pradesh, however, has decided to provide some relief to these women.


A senior official in the MP government has announced that an assistance of Rs 500 per month will be provided to distressed women under the Chief Minister’s Women’s Empowerment Scheme. MP’s Women and Child Development Minister, Maya Singh, added that women who are serving their jail terms would be taught special skills to help them lead an independent life upon their release.


Women in Madhya Pradesh Picture By: Bio Innovatives
Women in Madhya Pradesh
Picture By: Bio Innovatives


The women who will be eligible for the relief will include divorced women, victims of dowry, child brides, women living below the poverty line, rescued victims of human trafficking, rape or acid attack victims and others who reside in other governmental and non-governmental institutions provided for them.


Most of these above mentioned women usually don’t have the required level of education and skills to earn a livelihood for themselves and those dependent on them for their basic needs. Stipends like these may not completely solve all of their problems but an amount, even as small as Rs 500 per month, may go a long way in helping these women survive.


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