From the moment or before even we even rise & shine – Our Mind and Body gets cluttered with External and Internal Noise – Noises in our Head to finish off chores, responsibilities, work duties – Noises and Thoughts one after another! Just what does it take to keep quiet? And could we find answers to our inner self in silence? Shilpa Pandey explores in her column on staying positive.

The nature of our mind is to be like of a monkey.

It happens so many times with us that continuous chattering leads to exhaustion and we seek out for some Silence.

Silence is a virtue, universally. It is as old as time. The beauty of silence is that it simply “is”. As the article is on Silence I don’t want to give lengthy discourses but Silence does not come naturally for most of us. Silence relaxes and gives time for introspection, which is important to grow in Life.

A person who is able to maintain Silence in chaos has a good control over his Mind, Body & soul.

In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna himself says about the term silence and its potential: दण्डो दमयतामस्मि नीतिरस्मि जिगीषताम् । मौनं चैवास्मि गुह्यानाँ ज्ञानं ज्ञानवतामहम् ।। (Chapter 10, Canto 35) I am the power of the controllers; I am the guiding principles of the ones who want to win; I am the silence for feelings that need to be kept concealed; and also I am the wisdom-essence of the ones who have wisdom.

When someone is on a path to attain mental calm or peace, one has to remove many vices and other obstructing residents of the mind, so that some free space can be gained—this free space allows fresh air of good thoughts to enter the mind and sooth it. This, in turn, controls our mind from being allured by the shouting pulls of many vices.

Stay positive

The nature of our mind is to be like of a monkey. Monkeys by their intrinsic nature are very active and industrious animals—they love to do something all the time; they do not prefer to sit calmly.

This is what we have with our mind too—it does not allow us to calm down, and is always engaged in making some plans, creating some doubts, or posing new problems before us that we should fear from or solve.

It seems Impossible but lets start with making few changes in our Daily Life to incorporate Silence in your Noisy Day:

  • Let’s start off with a Silent Prayer in the morning.


  • Take out 5 minutes before we get up from our bed and focus on your breath & morning thoughts. Clear your mind and set the intentions for the Day.


  • I sit in my Balcony and enjoy the Nature around in Silence each morning – Find your quiet corner in your House for the morning silence.


  • Sit and Meditate for 5-10 minutes and declutter your thoughts and make space for positive ones.


  • By the end of the day, sit is silence and write down your accomplishments of the day. Intentionally make an effort to erase the mind of past and future so that it is in present.

Silence will promote a feeling of Bliss, Peace and Balance. I have realized the power of Silence, that it is healing, spiritual, and divine. Also, within the silence lies an offering to hear ourselves, attune to our own inner voice.

Listen to your Inner Voice, which will allow you to be yourself!

Silence isn’t empty it’s actually full of answers.

Picture Credit: Voices For Youth