Four couples on a road trip is an exciting idea, but all the excitement goes down the drain when public infrastructure plays the biggest evil, especially for women. Something similar happened to Deep Bajaj, founder of PeeBuddy, who with his friends and their wives found themselves in the middle of a peculiar situation on a trip from Delhi to Jaipur in 2014.

“The Eureka moment happened when one of the wives said that she wished she was in Europe because there she could have access to a reusable, plastic device to urinate in any dirty toilet”

While on their way, the group could not find even a single toilet that was hygienic for women to use while men could go and ease themselves out anywhere on the roadside.


Talking about how it all started, Bajaj told SheThePeople.TV, “The women were really troubled. They were not drinking water/beverages for the fear of having to use a dirty toilet. Some of them were almost in tears and we stopped at every fuel station on the way. They always wanted the toilets to be clean and were utterly unsatisfied by their hygiene levels there. The Eureka moment happened when one of the wives said that she wished she was in Europe because there she could have access to a reusable, plastic device to urinate in any dirty toilet.”

“This is when it struck me that women in India don’t have access to clean public loos when they’re on the go and there was a need for a device to address this issue.”


Bajaj then started working on a plastic product that allows women to literally stand and pee while on a road trip, shopping excursion or any other such instance when they are out and about. “Our products empower them to live, travel & operate better. The business model revolves around identifying such issues and solving those using our unique solutions,” said Bajaj about PeeBuddy.

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Before starting up PeeBuddy, Bajaj was into handmade carpet marketing as part of an award-winning team under Carpet Couture by Rashi, for high-end hotels & residences. He has also started First Step Digital to support, launch and do businesses across industries which others refrain from. The idea is to offer a niche to unique business ideas and fill a gap with products that are disruptive and make lives easier for women.

Our intent is to assist women travel, live & operate better: Deep Bajaj


PeeBuddy, a female urination device (FUD), is an easy to carry, disposable tunnel-shaped paper urination device that ergonomically fits between the legs to enable women to stand and urinate. The working of the device and its design has been adapted from that of a funnel.

Bajaj talks about the product and the thought that went into making it, saying, “It aims to break the insensitivity about issues concerning women’s intimate hygiene. Women these days have a lot on their plate. We believe our products can assist them in taking care of their Intimate Hygiene & Wellness needs in many peculiar situations which are not discussed openly, including lack of friendly toilets, menstrual pains, sanitary disposal etc. Our intent is to assist women travel, live & operate better.”

Bajaj’s company is not just restricted to PeeBuddy and has a range of products to take care of women’s hygiene. They have recently launched India’s First Herbal Period Pain Relief Patch for Discreet, Long Lasting Relief from Period Pains.

India is a country full of stigmas and preconceived notions. While making a product for women’s hygiene is one thing, talking about it is still considered a taboo and mainly hushed down in most parts of the country. And being a man and propagating an idea is an even more challenging process. This is one of the problems that Bajaj also faced at the beginning, but he feels happy that his customers spread the word.


PeeBuddy sold about 20,000 packs, approximately worth Rs 15 lakh during the first year of its launch. Doctors have also started recommending the product, especially during pregnancy and arthritis.

Bajaj feels confident about the visibility of the product. Currently, he is focussing on the millennial population in the country.  “For them, the fact that our range is solving their intimate issues is big enough a reason for them to support us by buying products again and customers so far are happy with the pricing. I am sure prices will come down and benefit will be passed on to consumers as we scale,” feels Bajaj.

A revolutionary product definitely, PeeBuddy has the potential to solve a major chunk of women’s travel-related problems.

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