Divyanka Bedi is a young woman with many missions. She is a jewellery designer with collections at Amrapali. Calls herself a wannabe designer. Daughter of actor Ranjeet and Naazneen Bedi, Divyanka aka Gigi is a powerhouse of many talents. Including one she has been passionately involved with recently – Climbing. She was part of the core team building the buzz and success of India’s first climbing cup. The two-day event saw 20 participants each from 15 countries in the men’s and women’s section, that included defending bouldering champions, Jongwon Chon of South Korea and Akiyo Noguchi of Japan. The Indian contingent featured eight climbers in the men’s section and nine in the women’s.


Divyanka Gigi Bedi
Divyanka Gigi Bedi on one of her climbing expedition

What’s been the biggest high of being part of the climbing world cup and getting people together?

Climbing is a sport that surpasses all social and economic barriers. Through this sport I’ve met people who have taught me the true meaning of passion, resilience and perseverance. Each athlete I know has dedicated his/her life to the sport (despite having all odds against them) – the biggest high for me, was to see our Indian’s up there, competing on the same platform with the world’s best – an opportunity they would never get otherwise. This competition has taught them to have higher standards and push themselves further – it’s their first step towards representing India in 2020.

Divyanka Gigi Bedi on SheThePeople
Divyanka Gigi Bedi rock climbing

What’s been your inspiration to climb?

I have a spiritual connection with rock climbing – each climb I do takes me through the same cycle – awe, excitement, fear, a sense of inadequacy, followed by a complete breakdown of my ego, leading to a kick on the butt to not give up, a renewed fighting spirt ending with a wonderful view from the top of the rock smile emoticon – this process – this experience is the very reason I climb – it teaches me to be humble and to stay human.

What are some of the climbs you have been through?

I wouldn’t say I’m the strongest of climbers, I have a long way to go. Hence, although I have climbed a lot, there’s nothing I can boast about, yet. My annual pilgrimage is Hampi each December – it’s India’s very own world class climbing destination. Apart from that I’ve had the privilege to climb around India, in France, England and most recently Greece. While I dabble occasionally in sport climbing, I’d say I’m partial to bouldering.

You are a woman with diverse interests – music, jewellery design and climbing. How do you keep up with your passions?

Ahh, I’m still figuring that out. Urban life tends to consume you and I have to constantly fight against letting myself fall into a ‘comfort zone’. The world is my playground – time is precious – there’s still a lot to learn and many places to see.

Gigi Divyanka Bedi Designs
Gigi Divyanka Bedi Designs for Amrapali

What’s next on your diary?

I’m working on a new capsule collection for Amrapali, all energies are there right now. I’m also expanding The Space, which is a boutique fitness venture that I have started with my mother. Climbing is on hold till the monsoons pass, after which I plan to explore some newly developed places in India. Come September, we should start work on IFSC 2017 again – can’t wait for that!