This city is known for its diversity — diversity in having its women possess the freedom to be career-driven. Meet Bengaluru’s first food delivery girl who happens to balance two jobs and work it out brilliantly. Her choice of living this life happened when things went a little dark at home. To support her family financially, Venda put on the helmet and started delivering food.

Bengaluru's First Delivery Girl

Venda (23) is a home nurse in the morning and night – but also delivers food on her bike. She travels five long hours during the day to deliver food to doorsteps. But that’s not all. She is also pursuing studies to become a history teacher in future.

“Things at home turned bad five years ago as the Rs 10,000 my father and mother earned was not sufficient. After marrying off my elder sister, they needed my support. I finished pre-university and decided to join my mother by becoming a home nurse,” Venda said to Deccan Herald.

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Since childhood, Venda is passionate about biking. She worked hard for three years to buy her Honda Activa. She transformed her vehicle to a bike-taxi with the help of Rapido, an app-based bike taxi aggregator. And, now she hits the road in her bike-taxi, hoping to get more such part-time opportunities.

She once was rejected by a city-based food aggregator, who did not want to hire a girl. “They were worried about safety and said they ‘did not want to take risk’,” Venda said. For a very long time, she was travelling across the bylanes of Bengaluru in search of a job. When finally, a rival company Jugnoo, a Chandigarh-based aggregator providing food delivery services, called her, Venda did not think twice.

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“Searching for jobs helped me discover shortcuts in the city. I avoid traffic to save time for studies. I am pursuing BA to study history, Tamil and English. I want to become a history teacher,” Venda said.

“It’s been a month since we hired her and we have received a positive response from both the hotels and the customers,” Sabarish Nambiar, the Bengaluru operations manager of Jugnoo, said while mentioning that Venda’s work in Rapido was worth noticing and which later led them to hire her.

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“Women have entered all kinds of fields today. Why can’t I do more? (Former President) Abdul Kalam said dreams are those that keep you awake. It doesn’t matter how much work I do. I will reach my goal,” she hailed for her strong independency.

When asked about safety, Venda very innocently said that she had never encountered any risks while working outdoors during the day. “I hope there will come a time when women can work anyvtime,” she added.

Amidst the vulnerable situation in the city, where after the latest New Year’s Eve horror, the outrage against the Bengaluru’s mass molestation hit the peak, many women and girls are now in a stage of fear to go out even in the daylight. However, while many are demanding safer public spaces for women and children in the city, Venda says she fears nothing. Seems she knows how to reclaim public spaces and say #IWillGoOut.

Well, strong girls like you are the bright future of this country, Venda! Keep up the good work!

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