An Ethiopian sports journalist has become the first man to win an Olympic award that is dedicated to women and on a subject to promote sportwomen, reported.

Dagim Zinabu Tekle officially accepted the IOC Women and Sport World Trophy, first presented in 2000,  by IOC President, Thomas Bach, at a gala ceremony held at the SwissTech Convention Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 2011, Tekle launched the Lisan Women’s Sport Radio Programme that encourages women and girls to take up sports on a large scale. It also helps them fulfill their dreams and ensure their activity within sports.

“This has significantly raised awareness among the public of the achievements and success of these women,” the IOC said to TOI.

“This trophy is not only for women … It is for both men and women who work toward gender equity,” Tekle said in an IOC statement earlier this week. “I created this show because I realized that in Ethiopia, women have no voice, and they are not heard,” he added.

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Besides Tekle, five other continental awards were given to former women’s international footballer Moya Dodd (Australia),  Felicite Rwemarika (Africa), Carole Oglesby (America), Maria Leonor Estampador (Asia) and Majken Maria Gilmartin (Denmark).

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However, this is not the first time an award was given to a man when it was designed for a woman. If we vaguely recall, a few days ago, the internet was outraged over U2 frontman Bono winning Glamour magazine’s coveted – ‘Women of the Year’ awards …leaving people a little confused.

Well, of course it’s a matter of neutrality as the title of the award ‘Women of the Year’ clearly states that the recipients have to be women.

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