Even as phone companies gear up to provide a panic button in phones as per government regulations, and safety apps such as  ‘I feel Safe’ (which works offline too) are launched for women safety, the latest to join the bandwagon is the Rajasthan State Commission for Women (RCW). The Organisation is in the process of launching a safety app for women.

Here are some of the features of the app which is aptly called ‘Raj Mahila Suraksha’:

  • In case you find yourself in any kind of danger, what you need to do is shake and tap your mobile thrice, and an alert will be automatically activated, which will help you seek aid.  “In case, of an emergency, a girl might not really have the time to dial a number or send a message. Hence, we have opted for a shake app. On activation, an alert would be sent through GPS to the nearest police station and the state women’s commission while a message will also go to a friend or family member of the user,” said Suman Sharma, chairperson, RCW, as reported by TOI.
  • This mobile app would initially cover the areas located under the Jaipur Commissionerate. Depending on the response, the next step would be taken to launch it across the state in a phase-wise manner.

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  • The initial designing is still progress, and currently the app is going through lots of trials and errors.
  • The app is likely to be launched before June 30. It was initially supposed to be launched sooner, but some operational errors have led to the delay.  The State Women’s Commission is however fully involved in the process, to smoothen out any delays.

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Besides the app, the Women’s Commission is also working on initiating a counselling and self-defence training campaign in all higher secondary schools and colleges across Jaipur. Also, from the month of July, awareness campaigns will be organized to educate young girls about how they can reach out to police when in distress.

That’s quite a number of safety measures planned. Efficient implementation though is key.

Feature Image Credit: betterindia

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