Singer Katy Perry has been trolled after she uploaded a photo of Goddess Kali on her Instagram page, with the caption ‘Current Mood’. The image has received over 11,000 comments with many users writing about how offensive the picture is.

“U should not show Ur emotions or feelings in the name of goddess or their images bcoz we Hindus worship them images of God are not a toy better remove it,” one user commented.

“All religions, cultures and beliefs deserve the same amount of respect, even if your different from your own. Please remove the post,” said another user.

Other Indian users supported Perry’s use of the image. Lakshita Sharma said, “I wish more women were in this mood… Just to educate these idiots who don’t get religion… But anyway..more power to you.”

“I’m an Indian and guess what? I’m not offended by this (I know!). Just thought of letting it be known, if anyone cares that is. Lest the world starts thinking every Indian on social media has anger issues. Well, now you know. Not all of us. But yeah, most of us,” said another user.

Other comments were abusive, and used violent and sexually aggressive language, and were downright unacceptable.

Perry has long been a fan of Hindu culture and even married her ex-husband Russell Brand in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

What do you think? Do you think the picture is politically incorrect, or is it harmless?

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Picture Credit: Stylecraze