What would you do to a female colleague who shows up late to the office? Ask her the reason for the same? Advise her to be on time from next time onwards? A municipal council worker, however, took the extreme measure of kicking his female colleague in order to punish the woman for being late to work. The incident took place on Saturday (June 10) in Sindhanur town of Raichur district in Karnataka.

The man, whose brutal act has been recorded in a video, has been arrested by the police and a case registered against him.

Nasreen was reportedly late to office because she was observing her Ramzan fast at the time of the incident.

A police official told TOI, “Nasreen was observing fast during Ramzan and is said to have turned up late to work.” He also mentioned that the accused Sharanappa worked as a computer operator on contractual basis. He had kicked Nasreen after squabbling with her on her late arrival.

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“On Saturday, there was a holiday in the SCMC office but two employees (Nasreen and Sharanappa) were assigned to work so they could clear some backlog. Nasreen is a permanent employee while Sharanappa was hired on a contract basis as a computer operator,” a senior police official said.

The staff employees were unaware of the incident since it took place on Saturday when most of them are not present in the office. It was only after Nasreen filed a complaint against Sharanappa that the incident came into limelight.

According to police authorities, this is not the first time that the accused has misbehaved with other employees.

It is shocking to note how some men take women around them for granted and do whatever they feel is right for them to do. Such misogyny needs to dealt with strongly.

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