Popstar Jennifer Lopez slapped a restraining order on a fan who followed her home on many occasions.

The fan, Timothy McLanahan, has been arrested for stalking Lopez on an earlier occasion as well. But even after the arrest, he continued to send her mail, unwanted flowers, and attend her shows.

Lopez filed documents against him with the Los Angeles Superior Court, who issued a temporary restraining order against McLanahan. He is now required to stay at least 100 yards away from Lopez and her children, and to stay away from the children’s school and their home.

He is not allowed next to Lopez’s car or workplace either. According to US Weekly, the man has a history of violence.

Celebrity stalkers and invasion of privacy has become a big issue, with many stars filing restraining orders against fans who just don’t take no for an answer.

Electronic music star, Moby, got a restraining order against a fan who would not stop stalking him. The fan even hid in the bushes on his property and took items from his mailbox!

And in a more shocking scandal, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard filed for a restraining order against him, after she accused him of physically assaulting her. The court said that he must stay a 100 yards away from her.

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