It was eight years ago that Hillary Clinton stepped aside from the nomination race to offer support to her formal rival Barack Obama, who of course went on to become President of the United States for two consecutive terms. Hence on Tuesday at the Democratic Convention when her main rival Bernie Sanders stepped down during the roll call of his State of Vermont and officially stated,” I move that Hilary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States”, the moment must have been an even sweeter one for Clinton. After all, she has made history by becoming the first ever woman candidate to run for the United States President seat backed by the Democratic Party. The supporters cheered with joy when the official statement was declared. It was a moment of joy and tears for all who believed in her.

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It was a special moment in the history of the Democratic Party when former president of the United States and party head Bill Clinton took the stage for personal validation of his wife. Former heads of the party have often vouched for their successors but never in the history has a husband vouched for his wife. Although Hillary is no stranger to politics, playing varied roles ranging from the First Lady, to the Senator and even the Secretary of state.

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The night was not without some protest from the Bernie Sanders camp though, many of whom moved out of the convention to a Media tent, as they felt unheard and left out. At the Philadelphia City Hall a group of protestors against Hilary gathered under the blazing sun chanting “Bernie or Burnt”. But of course by far it was a crowd in support of Clinton. She has the strong support from the “mothers of the movement” as several mothers believe that Hilary is the answer for putting an end to the gun violence which has been taking place of late. They believe that she has the emotional as well as the political power to heal and repair the grieving hearts of the women of United States.

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