Our perceived sense of empowerment and our vocabulary of success may be warped says Gayatri Jayaraman at the June edition of Feminist Rani, a SheThePeople concept and effort to bring contemporary views on feminism and increase dialogue on the subject.

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Gayatri breaks the myth that women who are rural, empowered and running their own small businesses have to be successful in the same definition of those in urban India. “We have a lot of talent in this country but we need to stop seeing women by certain preset parameters of standards of success.” She asserts women don’t have to be screaming empowerment, she isn’t empowered. “I love this about being a woman.You know how to control a situation.”

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SheThePeople held the June Edition of Feminist Rani at The Barking Deer in association with NGO SheSays India

Is Bollywood scared of feminism?
Is Bollywood scared of feminism?