Iron is the one nutrient that is needed more by women than by men. Especially is certain stages of life, women need to take iron in more than enough quantity so as to remain healthy. Top of the charts – pregnancy and menstruation. Because that is a crucial time for females as the body is vulnerable and therefore requires adequate amount of nutrients.

Helps your body make haemoglobin

Women are known to have less haemoglobin than men, which further proves that intake of iron becomes a necessity for them. Haemoglobin is the part of the blood that helps transfer oxygen to the rest of the body. Better the haemoglobin, better its function of keeping the body full of oxygen, which is basically an essential component for survival. Lack of oxygen can lead to anaemia, which is usually marked by fatigue.

Some Iron-rich foods: Red meats, Liver, Bran cereals, Broccoli, Kidney beans, Potato


Having your period puts a strain on  your iron stores. Loss of significant amount of blood every month is explanation enough to increase your intake of this mineral. This loss of blood affects the overall bodily iron content. Although, when a woman hits her menopause period, this extra intake can be reduced to that of normal. After menopause, the iron intake of a woman is equal to that of a man.

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When giving birth

Placenta being the holy shield of your baby, iron is the mineral that helps in building of that. Expectant mothers need to be aware of the fact that the iron provided to the child in the womb needs to last at least for six months after birth. To help your body absorb this iron, an increased intake of vitamin C is also recommended to many pregnant women.

There is usually a recommended mg of iron for women of different age groups, so do speak to your doctor about what suits you best.

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