This is the fifth time consecutively that the Indian women’s beach kabbadi team has won the gold medal in the 5th Asian Beach Games held at De Nang, Vietnam. India defeated Thailand in a score of 41-31.

Indian women’s kabbadi team has been clinching gold medal in the biennial games since its launch in 2008.

Payel Chowdhury, Sakshi Kumari, Anthoniyammal Savarimuthu, Gayatri Karampudi, Pinki and Vara Manikya Durga Kodela were part of the Indian women’s beach kabbadi team this year. And the Thailand team comprised of Tanatporn Srijan, Thanwarat Chongmi, Krittaya Kwangkunthot, Siwita Pongmak, Jeerawan Namchiangtai and Yamonporn Arunrat.

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This is not the first time India has won against Thailand; it has been the same for the last four times. However, this is the first time that Thailand has come as close as the 10 points gap in the finals.

In the women’s 70kg weight category wrestling form Khurash that has originated from Uzbekistan, Amisha Tokas came second. She lost her match to Nguyen Thi Lan of Vietnam in the finale.

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As yet, India has won six medals at the Beach Games- 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze which brings India to the 15th spot in the medal tally. The first in the medal tally is the host team of Vietnam with 74 medals in its kitty.

The Indian men’s kabbadi team could only win a silver losing to Pakistan in the finals in a neck-to-neck game of 28-30. While the women’s kabbadi team has not lost even once at the Asian Beach Games, the men’s kabbadi team won twice in 2008 and 2010. And Pakistan who had been a silver medallist in all of the previous four tournaments finally won gold this time and reach the top.

Feature Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

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