During a recent session on ‘Advancement of Women’ in the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee, India exercised its right to reply to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Special Envoy Shezra Mansab Ali Khan’s accusations on women’s condition in Kashmir. The session focused on social and humanitarian issues and Pakistan has time and again harped on the Kashmir conflict.

Counsellor Mayank Joshi in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN rejected the allegations made by Shezra Mansab Ali Khan, saying that it is actually the persistent terrorist acts executed by proxies of Pakistan that are leading to disharmony and suffering of the Indian women.

Khan said that women have gone through tremendous trauma because of the unrest in the state. They have gone through oppression and suffered rape and sexual abuse. To this, Joshi  pointed out the irony about how a country that has been institutionalising oppression cares to talk about women’s rights and freedom, his comment about Pakistan’s allegations was how, “medieval draconian laws is making claims about the rights of women in a pluralistic democracy such as India”.

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Pakistan has been persistent in bringing up the Kashmir issue at the UN General Assembly discussions; even raising issues related to disarmament and decolonisation.

Even though Joshi rejected all allegations, a Pakistani official stressed on the point that no replies could hide the ongoing violation of human rights taking place in Kashmir.

Indian Express quotes Joshi who said, “We are aware of Pakistan’s cynical attempts to pursue diplomacy of hate through lies and deceit. We do not intend to further respond to such misguided and futile efforts.”

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