After a swift victory in the three-match ODI series with West Indies, India has agreed to play against Pakistan in the Women’s Asia T20 Cup in Thailand, according to Pakistan Cricket Board sources.

The political and diplomatic tension between India and Pakistan had delayed the decision of the two countries playing against each other from November 25. BCCI President Anurag Thakur had said that he would consult with the ICC to not schedule Indo-Pak matches in group stages of its events.

An official source from PCB has hinted at the possibility of the two countries playing against each other, as reported by PTI.

“We took this up very strongly at the last ICC meeting in Capetown and India said it had reservations over playing with us in bilateral series but would play in ICC events,” the source said, as reported by New Indian Express.

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The Pakistan Delegation head, Najam Sethi, had given evidences in the form of newspaper clippings and video recordings of the BCCI chief’s stance on the Indo-Pak cricket ties and it included the one where he denied that India would play against Pak in the next championship.

“Sethi made the point passionately at the ICC meeting that while Pakistan had always advocated keeping politics and sports apart, the BCCI President’s media statements were political. He clearly asked Thakur at the meeting whether or not his statements were not political ones on Indo-Pak relations and he should be very clear on whether India wanted to play with Pakistan in the group or knockout stages of ICC events in future,” the source disclosed.

Thakur has clearly said that ICC India will not have any problem with the Indian team playing Pakistan but he cannot promise bilateral ties until the Indian government gave proper clearance.

“As a result, it is clear that India will play us in the women’s Asia T20 Cup and Champions Trophy. Sethi later also had an informal discussion with Thakur on the sidelines of the meeting,” the source said.

ICC had even asked PCB if it had any problem playing against India in the Women’s cricket leagues and the association replied that it was actually looking forward to playing against India in the UAE in October but that India backed off at the last moment.

Women’s Asia T20 Cup will be played by Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand now.

Picture credit- Indian Express