New Delhi will see a different India Gate on the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women. United Nations (UN) Women India came together with UN Population Fund, UNDP India and United Nations India to lighten up the India Gate in orange colour. This initiative by UN has been taken up to raise awareness against any act of violence against women in the country.

This is a part of Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General’s program called SAY No- UNiTE to End Violence against Violence. Say NO – UNiTE is the global advocacy and communications platform on ending violence against women and girls.

India Gate is going to be illuminated in orange color as “the bright and optimistic colour is expected to represent a future free from violence against women and girls, usually committed by men under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” said a press release.

Similar to this event, even the state government of Kerala will also observe ‘Orange Day’ to mark the day. “The ‘Sudodham’ initiative under the government, which was started earlier this year to fight substance abuse, is holding a walkathon in the state capital tomorrow as part of the campaign,” as reported by the Economic Times.

Last year, UN Women illuminated United Nations as well as the iconic Empire State Building in New York in orange, to raise awareness about violence against women and to catalyse action to address it. UN Women Egypt similarly illuminated one of the wonders of the world, the Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx.

India, over the years, has seen immense development and liberation from orthodoxical parameters of society; however, violence against women is still very much a part of Indian society. This happens in all strata of the society from rural to urban. Hence, this event holds special value in India. Hopefully, this event will bring more voices together to lead the fight against the violence rampant for women.

Picture Credit- Orangesmile