A global survey has revealed that two-thirds of men around the world think that men and women now have the same opportunities. Ironically, less than half of women around the world think that they have the same opportunities as men.

Ipsos, the organisation which conducted the survey, asked more than 17,000 people in 23 countries what they think.

And India considers itself the most equal of all the countries that were surveyed! 72 per cent of all the people who were surveyed in India said that opportunities were equal for men and women. And 68 per cent of women in India said that opportunities were equal between the two sexes. Ironic coming from the country of the Beti Bachao campaign and the country that ranks low in the UN’s gender inequality index. We rank 87 out of 144 nations when it comes to gender equality.

“Most women still see their opportunities diminished because of their gender, while men are much less likely to be worried by this. Gender equality is a critical part of the sustainable development agenda and these results show how far there is to go,” said Jonathan Glennie, director of the Sustainable Development Research Centre.

In the US, 72 per cent of men think women have equal opportunities, compared to 32 per cent of women. And in the UK, 67 per cent of men think that women and men have equal opportunities. In comparison, 51 per cent of women in the UK think that they have access to equal opportunities.

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