Yes! That’s right! While we may be in the midst of many religious or cultural problems, Indian women are moving forward each day with the sole aim to succeed in life. Rajasthan’s capital city Jaipur is the first ever city that has got one of its metro station run by an all-women staff.

The Shyam Nagar metro station in Jaipur has all its departments like the operations of the metro, to supervising customer and passengers at the station, to taking care of the upkeep and cleanliness at the station. In all, 32 women are employed to fulfil all the tasks in the metro station.

“The entire staff here is female. It is easy to work and coordinate with them. Most of them are very talented. I have faced no problems at all,” said Neha Budhwar, the station supervisor at Shyam Nagar Metro Station, reported by NDTV.

Another female employee added that there are no difficulties faced by them because of their gender. She also mentioned that the message sent out by the metro station is loud and clear that women are moving ahead and that they are no less than anyone.

Apart from this, among all the 23 metro drivers currently employed in Jaipur, six are women. The number may be small, but the development as compared to the past decades is huge in this field. Earlier, women could not even think of becoming metro drivers leave aside actually becoming one. So now it is definitely an achievement in this area.

Jaipur metro officials have made it a point to hire as many women as possible. As of now, they have about 30% women employed, but the numbers will go up in the near future.

“The station is one of a kind in the country. The decision to deploy only women at the station has been taken to empower them and boost their confidence, that they can handle all the operations. It will break the myth that women at Metro stations do easier jobs,” said N C Goel, CMD at Jaipur Metro Rail Corp (JMRC) to TOI.

Picture credit- India TV news