Mother’s day is round the corner and we are excited to celebrate! We have put together a list of popular parenting books written by some fantastic mothers:

1. First up is Sonali Bendre Behl’s ‘The Modern Gurukul, My Experiments With Parenting’. Bendre insists that the book isn’t a recipe to raising a perfect child. It is a personal book which highlights her journey. Bendre speaks about raising a child in the digital age, and finding a balance between tradition and modernity. Most importantly, it is about raising a compassionate child. The book has got rave reviews, with many saying that the book is simple and accessible.

2. Gopika Kapoor’s ’Spiritual Parenting’ is not only about raising happy children, but about being happy parents. She talks about how parents can tackle emotional difficulties, their own relationships and how they can connect with their children through spiritual lessons. She is a student of Vedanta and talks about applying Vedantic principles to raise kids.

3. Kiran Manral’s ‘Karmickids: The Story of Parenting Nobody Told You!’ is about laidback parenting, of making unstructured playtime mandatory and about raising a spirited child. The humorous book was listed as amongst the best books by Indian authors. Readers absolutely swear by this book.

Wisdom of Moms She The People

“If there is one parenting book that you need to read, let it be this because you do not need another one telling you how you are doing it all wrong. You need the view from the inside, that soul sister who believes in you and tells you that no matter what, in the end, everything will be ok,” wrote one enthusiastic reader.

4. Lina Ashar, founder of the famous Kangaroo Kids pre-schools, has written ‘Who Do You Think You’re Kidding?’  The book is all about how to raise your kid in today’s competitive world. Ashar shows you how to discover your child’s true potential. Her experiences as an educator and a parent shape her very unique learning philosophy. She shows you how to raise a curious and well rounded child.

5. Journalist Pallavi Aiyar’s ‘Babies and Bylines: Parenting on the Move’ has been called the perfect parenting book. It is a memoir of raising two boys in three different parts of the world — Beijing, Brussels and Jakarta. Her book highlights the father’s role in raising children, the role of a working mother, and the challenges and stereotypes new mothers face.

6. Amee Misra’s ‘Stop Licking My Arm!: And Other Mommy Rants From the First Three Years’ is a hilarious take on parenting. Misra talks about the things that nobody really touches upon: such as travel nightmares with a toddler, love for the baby at first sight, and the utter confusion that motherhood is.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick up one of these books and enter a community of hilarious, witty, smart and ambitious moms, and their equally endearing kids!

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