In a strange incident that happened in Bengaluru happened, two women booked an auto for a weekend outing, but the fun ride turned into nightmare when they caught a man hiding in the boot of the vehicle. The two girls – Roshni K who is 25 and Shivani G who is 27, got the scare of their lives, but no harm came to them.

According to the reports, Roshni and Shivani both are working professionals, and had taken an autorickshaw from Shivani’s house near Bethany High School in Koramangala. Roshni was supposed to get down near Sony Centre in Koramangala while Shivani was supposed to take the same auto to Maharaja Signal. They both were in the auto chatting when Roshni felt a leg in the boot. She said ‘sorry’ to Shivani, but the latter asked ‘why’ implying that that wasn’t her leg. Next, Roshni saw two legs sticking out from the boot of the auto. When Shivani saw the same, she started screaming for help. Terrorised Shivani then jumped up from her seat and stood in front of Roshni in a moving auto. Both asked the driver to stop immediately while the man in the boot started blabbering in Hindi.

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Roshni then yelled for the auto driver to stop the auto but the driver only slowed it down. When nothing worked, Shivani jumped out but Roshni was still sitting inside. After nagging for a moment, the auto driver stopped finally.

“Once he stopped, we demanded to know from the driver who the man was and what was he doing in the boot of the auto. He would not reply to my question and just kept talking on the phone and covering his face. I walked a little ahead and saw him continuously talking on the phone while the man in the boot of the auto did not move. I took a photo of the auto for the registration number and we walked ahead. The auto driver continued to talk over the phone, overtook us and stopped a little ahead. We walked on,” Roshni explained to Bangalore Mirror.

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The road that they had taken the auto from is a crowded area in the city, so the mischievous man with the auto driver may have planned something terrible or may have taken them to a lonely place. But the girls made a quick bold move saved their lives. This is not the first time we hear such an incident has been reported in the city. The same day, 22-year old Swathi was abused, threatened and harassed by an auto driver for two hours just because she was delayed by 10 minutes. A few months ago, a woman faced a similar experience like Roshni and Shivani near Gopalan Mall on Bannerghatta road.

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For those citizens using auto rickshaws for regular commute in the city, and might face similar problems, plenty of options are available for you:

  • You can now immediately reach out to a 24 x 7 Helpline which the Bangalore Traffic Police has instituted – 080-22868444 and 080-22868550. Don’t forget to note down the vehicle registration number, so that a complaint can be registered.
  • For SMS alert: Send the complaint to 52225 for Airtel customers and to 9663952225 for non-Airtel customers with Auto Registration number plus Location(from and to) and Time.
  • You can also Email your complaint  to with a proper reason for complaint, auto registration number, location details and date and time.
  • Website: One can also file a complaint directly on the complaints page on the BTP website. Ensure that you share reason for complaint, auto registration number, location details and date and time.
  • BTP App: Install the BTP App on your smart phone and register a complaint through the app.

Be alert. Stay safe!

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