How often have you found a guy talking to you in a patronizing way about certain things like gadgets or economics? Such behaviour of a man explaining a simple procedure to a woman like she has no idea about it is called mansplaining. At a time when we are quick to point out instances of sexism, patriarchy and male dominance, we must also catch mansplaining and destroy it right there. Because listening to something we already know is not just a waste of time but also a way of making a man feel superior to us, Twitter’s Vice-President of Engineering, Nandini Ramani, told CNBC.

Narrating her own experience, Ramani said when she worked at an undisclosed software company, she came up with several new and innovative ideas which she shared with her colleagues online. But when she met her colleagues physically for the first time, everyone was flummoxed to see that she was a woman. After that, things changed completely as she had to raise her ideas twice as hard to be able to make them heard, shared Ramani.
Her advice?
Women must speak up even when it’s hard to do so. “Rather than succumbing to pressure, be more resilient.”
Ramani also spoke about finding support in contemporaries. It does not matter that the support is coming from men or women, it is necessary when you want to raise an idea. Challenge any and every instance of mansplaining, Ramani stressed. She also advised putting your ideas across in a one-on-one session if getting approval is difficult during a meeting.
More power to all of you!


Picture credit- Geekwire