The versatile actor Kunal Kapoor, who also runs the digital crowd funding platform Ketto, spoke to the young audience at the Young Makers Conclave in New Delhi, on the ever-popular topic ‘Crowd Funding’. “Just go out and ask strangers because there are many who want to support your thinking”, said Kunal “There should be individual cause behind every cause”.To explain how the internet can connect each one of us with each other, he sought out few viral hashtags that took the social media platforms by storm.

Kunal showed us #DeadRaccoonTO. He explained how  a simple and random topic like this brought the platform a good result.

#FindDancingMan was another example put up by Kunal to show us that not all of us are on social media to troll and everyone does not indulge in practices like body shaming others. “Internet brings people together to do something meaningful (most of the time) and good”, he stated very matter-of-factly.

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Many of his examples brought out only one  message – the Internet brings strangers together for a great motive.

“With a movement like this and through requests, internet gives the power to make a movement that impact”, he stated.

The main aim of Ketto is to help NGOs in fund raising, focusing mainly on crowd funding for social causes. Ketto had helped raise funds during the Nepal earthquake and Chennai floods as well. For women, Ketto is conducting a campaign next month called breast Feeding Month.

Some advice from Kunal:

– Every NGO should build a powerful network to keep raising funds. Reach out to a friend if necessary.

– Content is king. Make sure your objectives are clear,  that create solid content for presenting while raising funds

– If you can raise money, that means there is something about your idea. Work harder to develop the idea and always remember that your main aim is to create awareness.

So how are you going to #UseInternetForGood?

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