Digital is the answer here. This century is like a saviour for many entrepreneurs who rely on technology for their work. Digital has made lives easier when it comes to communication and staying in touch. Not just for the youth, but many company conversations have now moved on to mobile applications so that the employees are well informed about the progress and the work at hand.

Rega Jha, BuzzFeed Editor-In-Chief, says that everything happens on the phone for the youth and mobile apps make conversation easier for everyone.

Communication tools keep the office employees updated about work and events.  Neha Motwani, CEO of Fitternity said, “We do expect everyone to be wired all the time. Every person working with Fitternity needs to be in tune with what’s happening at work.”

Women at Work
Although there is a question of whether this constant discussion makes the workers inefficient as the implementation process gets delayed. But Deepali Naair, Advisor IAMAI, says, “A dialogue is acceptable today, which is good. Unlike the old work culture. Diversity is the key today.”

The old work culture did not allow for any dialogue or conversation to happen between the boss and the employee. The environment was strict and more formal. People and their mindsets have changed with time and they realize the important of inputs and new ideas. Today, a company cannot grow on just instructions, the strategies need to be innovative and creative thinking is highly encouraged amongst workers.

Sonali Roy, HR Director India, Procter and Gamble says, “I’m a great believer of applications because information is easily visible.” Transparency is another aspect of digital that has helped. When information is easily available it becomes difficult to play with data. This way, the employees and the bosses can stay on the same page without the excuse of miscommunication.

For startups that don’t have a fixed office and work from the field, digital becomes their backbone. Since meeting the employees everyday is not physically possible, the entrepreneurs rely on updates through the phones.

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