Love is the greatest power and achievement one can have. No success can be complete without love and love can consume all grief and sorrow. Rajiya Begum was distraught in her life with nowhere to go but to sleep with people o keep herself and her daughter alive. She would cry every day to escape from the drudgery of being a prostitute. One day about four years back, she was crying under a tree and it was raining heavily when her prayers were heard and a disabled beggar gave her the fifty bucks he had and asked her to go back home.

Renowned photographer from Bangladesh, GMB Akash, beautifully documents the story of Rajiya Begum and Abbas Miah on his Facebook page on May 14. In the last three days, the post has received over 16,000 likes, 2,026 shares and a little over 400 comments where people are praising his efforts.

He started the story by saying how difficult it is to love a prostitute as, “every inch of my soul has suffered in grief”. Rajiya’s only hope of survival was her daughter, Tumpa, who she could never tell about her work. However, she did mention, ‘I never wanted to work at night.’

All Rajiya prayed for was to come out of the dirty business of prostitution and to save her and her daughter’s life.

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“But I knew no one, nobody came to help me ever since I’ve woken up in this bastard world. Everyone used me, played with my heart. Left me devastated and I had no idea where I was going,” Akash translated Rajiya’s words and wrote it in a post along with a picture of Rajiya and Abbas.

After Begum took the money from Abbas on that rainy night, she kept looking for him at the same spot and one day she found him.

“I told him that I won’t be able to love again, but I could push his wheelchair for a lifetime. At that moment, he smiled and said, ‘Not everyone can push a wheelchair without love’,” mentioned the post.

The couple had a small wedding in which Abbas promised her that he would never let her cry again.

They are married four years now and though they go without food for days and very little food at times, they find solace in each other’s company. Even the day the photographer met them, they only had “one plate of chot pati and were sharing it together”. Rajiya assures that she has never cried after that day under the tree.

Picture credit- GMB Akash

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