It’s a special doodle by Google which is celebrating Mother’s Day 2017. The Google Doodle is a series of story of a pregnant cactus and her journey as a mother from giving birth to her baby cacti, to fighting all odds, to taking care of it, being tough and finally living a settled life with the grown up babies.

Mother’s Day celebrated on the second Sunday in May, is a celebration for mothers across the world. SheThePeople.TV is celebrating it with the #WisdomOfMoms campaign reflecting and rewinding all the lessons moms taught us.

Google Doodle Mothers Day 2017
Google Doodle Mothers Day 2017

Google represents the celebration of ‘motherhood’ through its animated doodle and has honoured all the sacrifices’ a mother makes for her child. Using the Cactus, a plant one would hardly associate with the love and warmth of a mother, Google Doodle uses the plant as a proxy for someone who is hardy, strong, bears everything that comes at her. A plant that protects everything within and takes on the deserts – cold and hot – to stand through toughness.

There are six different moving images which show the various stages every mother has gone through. Starting from her pregnancy, over to feeding her newborn, to teaching them skills as they grow up, and finally as they all live happily together. The unlikely plant, the cactus mom is really who all are mothers are.

Though there is no doubt about it that every day can be celebrated as mother’s day. There is no taking away from #WisdomOfMoms and why it’s truly the biggest unwritten book of our lives.

So, go ahead and tell us about your mother’s best teachings and lessons for you #WisdomOfMoms – type below or enter our contest on Facebook right now!