An 8-year-old girl in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur wanted to play instead of going to school, but her 30-year-old mother crossed all limits and gave her an unforgettable lesson. However, she ended up having learnt one herself too!

8-Year-Old's Mother Shackles Her To A Lamp Post

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According to reports, Malaysian cops found out that the girl’s own mother had chained her to a lamppost outside the family’s apartment earlier this week. Passersby couldn’t free the poor girl from shackles, because the chain was tightly locked. The girl remained stuck for over an hour in tears, sucking on her thumb, until cops reached there.

8-Year-Old's Mother Shackles Her To A Lamp Post

“There is such a thing as tough love but this is taking it too far,” an onlooker, who took the photos, told the Mirror UK.

The woman was questioned by police after locals reported the incident to the authorities and later released.

“When our men arrived at the scene, a group of people had already gathered around the girl who was chained to a pole,” assistant police commander Mohammad Azlin Sadari told the Daily Mail.

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Instantly, the images of the chained girl were circulated on social media, sparking outrage.

Police said the mother was arrested for neglect and exposure of a child to physical injury under Section 31(1)(a)of the 2001 Child Act.

“We established that this was the first time the girl was chained,” Azlin Sadari explained. “It was decided to let the mother go home with her daughter, warning her not to do it again.”

One of Malaysia’s leading psychologists, Dr Abdul Kadir Abu Bakar, told the Straits Times,

“It may be counter-productive and jeopardize their learning abilities. Punishment will only make the child fear school more.”

Feature Image Credit: New York Post

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