In the lost land, her womb, where my tiny dreams were learning to gloom. I knew I would see the world through their eyes and live in their hearts. I knew I would hold their fingers gripping my miles and aiding my falls, making me believe that home will definitely be more than four walls. But fate had some different plans and I lost touch with one of them.

I think the way we look at things that exist around is the same, but the interpretation of their existence is different. The dice of life played turning my world upside down before I could see, Childhood escaped and I already forgot to play merry-go-round.

I believe that any of your relationships are subject to investment risk. The more you invest, the more you benefit, but certainly this was not my case.

Looking up to the love which was mute, we find it difficult to stick down to relationships and its roots. I believe that any of your relationships are subject to investment risk. The more you invest, the more you benefit, but certainly this was not my case. My story isn’t about the struggles I have nailed, it’s about each of my kind whose story is unheard and then judged.

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We with similar faces like you, wearing smiles like you, with makeup hiding the scars of separation, we still wish to dwell with you. Few days we sleep with crumbled emotions, suppressed anger, biting the pillow corners and whatnot. But maybe next morning we see in the mirror and wish to be like you, just you!

It all began from the old school meets where they pointed the absence and questioned, on the other hand, my blank eyes were trying to mask the truth. I Felt, LOST IN HER WOMB ONCE, IN THIS WORLD TWICE’.

Yes, I was raised alone by my grandparents and my mother and many like me by somebody but is that so hard to be accepted? Or do I still need to get accepted?

What is so different that hurts your eye? Because we stand strong to not support the existence of perfection which is a myth.

If today you see this world from our eyes, see the insecurities, our soul boils into, see the voids that we wish to fill, unmask the smile we show and look up to the strength we wear. But still, we have faith that one day we wouldn’t be looked down by our characters or the middle names we add. Watch out our dreams where all are included and our constant run from aloneness. Stop staring us with your questioning eyes and extend a hand of friendship. This is the voice for all unheard people sitting in some corner, The silence of our lips with our eyes bleeding deep, I know you Scream and I know you take it a sport to all the dark and sunny day we all have been through. We have always made it Beautiful. Thank you for being Unstoppable and living onto the hopes of your loved ones because it’s more about what choices we make out of our alternatives.

Pic Credit: Elite Agent

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