Neha Sethi is the founder of Bombay’s beloved Sweetish House Mafia, famous for its catchy moniker and yummy cookies, especially its Nutella and Sea Salt cookie could easily go down in the cookie hall of fame.

Sethi never imagined that her baking business would grow the way it has. Sethi is a banker by profession. She has studied finance from the Wharton School of Business, and has worked in New York. On returning to Mumbai, and while figuring out what she wanted to do, Sethi started baking in her kitchen, and eventually started delivering the yummy goods in her Nano, anonymously. She would post the location on social media, and eventually more and more people started coming to buy her treats.

Her brother in law, who is a partner in the venture, came up with the name, Sweetish House Mafia- at that time SHM was a fad, she says- and the name stuck.

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This was in 2013, and by 2015, Sethi’s passion project had grown into a full fledged business. She opened her first brick and mortar store in Lower Parel. She now has six outlets and plans to take the business beyond Mumbai.

We met her at her Bandra cafe, where enthusiastic college kids were munching away at their treats, and where busy professionals made a quick stop to pick up their favourite cookie.

Sethi tells us about her many hats- baker, mother, entrepreneur, and how you can take you passion and make a profitable and successful career out of it.