She was known for her hardworking attitude and her negotiation skills. Former ace Indian diplomat and India’s ambassador to the United Nations, Arundhati Ghose passed away on Monday night. Her niece, journalist Sagarika Ghose posted this on Twitter:

Sagarika Ghose tweet

Here are few things we thought you should know about Ghose and her distinguished diplomatic career:

  •  Born in 1940, Arundhati Ghose grew up in Bombay. Her academic journey started from the Cathedral and John Conan schools. She graduated from Lady Brabourne College in Calcutta, and then went on to Vishwabharati, Shantiniketan, before joining the Indian Foreign Service.
  • She joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1963. Her illustrious career included postings to the Embassies of India in Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium and also served as Ambassador of India to the Republic of Korea, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to UNESCO, and Ambassador of India to Egypt.
  • She was also posted to Kolkata in the Branch Secretariat of the Ministry of External Affairs to liaise with Bangladesh leaders in Mujibnagar during the war of 1971. She was in charge of Economic Relations in the Ministry of External Affairs in 1990-91.
  • She was also the first Indian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Offices in Geneva. She headed India’s delegation to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) conference in Geneva in 1996 which brought her into the limelight. Even as India faced tremendous pressure to sign the treaty, she put forth the country’s stand emphatically and convincingly. Her words at the Conference ” India will not sign this unequal treaty. Not now, not ever” became legend in diplomatic circles.
  • Ghose is remembered by her colleagues as someone with unlimited grace who always had a ready smile.

Her legacy lives on.

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