Her studio is delightfully calm. It has a meditative feel but also the warmth of achievement. Veena Chandran’s art with clay has been a bit god-send for her life, perhaps that’s why she called her studio Farishtey. “I started out studying architecture and just as I entered the field, I realised it wasn’t me. I instead picked a pottery workshop for three months, left home and explored ceramics.” Her eureka moment was when she went to Pondicherry to pursue pottery in a deep way. “This place over there, has constantly visiting faculty and artists. You spend a lot of time with ceramists. You feel and live with clay. You get exposed to pottery as a serious art form.”

Here’s Veena Chandran in conversation with Radhika Sharma in Pune. And by the way, Veena regularly conducts workshops and trainings at her studio!

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