Ever wondered if there will ever be a device that can help you fidget? Well, worry not! After the huge success of the Fidget Cube which was a Kickstarter project – here comes the Fidget Spinner. It sounds way cooler than the Fidget Cube, and you bet it is.

If you’re the kind of person who gets anxious at work or during meetings, this is the best toy for you. The fidget spinner is the size of a small wallet, and has a bearing in the middle which allows you to spin it. It has prongs around that spin when you spin it with your hand. It can also be set down on a table and spun. Now, you may be wondering why anyone would buy such a gadget? It has been enticing kids and adults in the US. Yes, kids love it as much as adults do.

If you think that this gadget is going to take time to come to India, then you are wrong. The Fidget Spinner is already available on Amazon India, and is quite affordable.

The Fidget Spinner isn’t exactly being marketed as being fun or enticing. It is being marketed as a gadget that is built to relieve stress for people suffering from ADHD, ADD and Anxiety. The patent for the Fidget Spinner, which was filed by Catherine A. Hettinger in the U.S. in 1997, recently expired, and that is why you see so many manufacturers jumping in and selling this little gadget.

The new Fidget Spinner
The new Fidget Spinner // Pic credits: @taruns994 on Instagram

It has also taken social media by storm. If you check out #fidgetspinner on Instagram, you will find thousands of images and videos of people using the spinner. There are videos on YouTube showing cats and dogs reacting to these Fidget Spinners as well. Many people think that it is a mindless fad, but most are in favour of it. Parents are glad that their kids have something else to fidget with, other than their phone and iPads.

Know someone who gets fidgety? Gift them this spinner and they’ll forever be grateful, and stress free.

Pic credits: Gadget Flow

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