The story of Mowgli Girl gets complex with every passing day. Media reports recently said a “Mowgli Girl” found in the jungles of Katerniaghat, walked and behaved like monkeys. But according to the report published on Indian Express , Head Constable Sarvajeet Yadav says the 11-year-old he rescued two and a half months ago has no resemblance to what is being reported by the media. Could the jungle book angle be speculation?

According to the reports, the girl found was not naked, was not surrounded by monkeys and did not walk on fours. The girl couldn’t be staying unidentified in jungle for more than 24 hours because of strict patrolling and security cameras says the report. The divisional forest Officer Gyan Prakash Singh said to the Indian Express, “It’s not possible that a girl spends years in the forest and no staff or hundreds of cameras installed for security and animal census notice her. She might have been dropped here sometime before being spotted by the patrol team.”

The rescuers brought her to Bahraich district hospital on January 25, where she was being treated in an isolation ward, she is now shifted to Lucknow’s Nirvan Hospital for the mentally challenged.

Officers named the girl Ehsaas, whom they believe was abandoned because of her mental- illness. According to another report at Indian Express , a man claiming to be the uncle of the rescued girl has shown up, but didn’t have any reliable documentation to prove that the girl was in fact her niece.