2004 was a milestone year in the field of networking. Who could predict that a mere social media platform was going to transform the world in unimaginable ways? Today, social media giant Facebook is observing its 13th birthday.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the team of Facebook hosted an event at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California where people from across the world shared their experiences of connecting with people. The day is being celebrated as “Friends Day” to mark Facebook’s contribution in bringing people closer and help forging new relationships.

It has also rolled out new features for users to enhance their experience. A personalized “Friends Day Video” is one such new feature that compiles the user’s memories made with friends.

Shethepeople.Tv spoke to students across the country on the extent to which Facebook dominates their lives.

Tanisha Chaudhary, a Political Science student from Delhi, says, “I was 16 when I made my Facebook account. Initially, I had become addicted to it. Seeing people’s status, liking their pictures and bombarding those with my comments had become my favourite pastime. It had started controlling my behaviour. When I look back now, I laugh at myself for giving it so much importance. I avoid whiling away time on this platform. I feel connecting virtually does no good in strengthening my relationship with my friends or relatives. I prefer meeting them personally.”

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Shivani Jain, studying Management from a renowned institute in Delhi, says, “It’s been a roller-coaster ride. There was a time when I would sit glued to my laptop checking everyone’s profiles, but with time, I have matured.”

“I think the amount of information that one can get from Facebook is enormous and overwhelming. One must limit one’s usage. Having said that, I can’t undermine the role it plays in keeping me updated. I rarely have any time to read the newspapers. Facebook helps me keep abreast of the latest happenings.”

Garima Singhal, a student of IP University, uses Facebook for an entirely different purpose. “I can’t imagine my life without Facebook. I think it’s a great platform to reach out to masses at the same time. The Facebook groups and pages help us stay updated about the activities going on at our campus. This is the only way to stay informed. Infact, there are so many people who rely on Facebook for finding jobs. It is helping businesses and start-ups grow. India is on the path of digitization. I think people of all age groups should use Facebook to their advantage.”

Sonia Verma, a XII class student residing in Mumbai, finds Facebook distracting. “There are times when I am just not able to concentrate on my studies. Facebook is very distracting. It can make you feel happy one moment and frustrated at the other. Self-control is an issue for me. I admit that it helps one keep in touch with relatives living in some other parts of the world, but I guess it steals away the present moment from you. I have seen so may classmates of mine gossiping about each other and making comments about each other’s photos. Not everyone is mature enough to handle the mental chaos that accompanies its usage.”

While Facebook is a great platform to connect with others, we need to be aware of cyber stalkers. People must refrain from posting anything personal on the platform and it’s important to change your account and privacy settings. Here’s wishing FB a very happy birthday!

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Image credits: Telegraph.co.uk

Charvi Is An Intern With SheThePeople.TV