In India, Women are born to get married, have a family, raise kids, & do household chores . Yes this is what most of the people think and according to them, this is the tradition of India. Women are restricted to house work.


Kitchen is their office, home is their world and going out to make a living is a man’s job. And the percentage of working woman actually supports this thinking. I mean how often you come across a woman working in any office? Not much I guess because according to reports, only 29% of women over the age of 15 are working in India.

In fact I don’t see many women around me working, Even when I was in engineering, many of my female batch mates were taking an engineering degree, not to have a good job but for a better groom.

And maybe even I had thought the same and believed in the saying that being a women am born to get married only, that being a women am weak , that whatever I do I can’t stand a chance against men in any field. But I didn’t and the credit goes to my family.

My family didn’t had the mindset that daughter’s are a burden neither they started worrying about my marriage since the day I was born.


I was treated equally and in a way got more freedom and support than my brother. Something I believe every family should do as our upbringing impacts us a lot and if we are taught & treated equal from the beginning, then things will change for sure.

Like my family made me realized that being a woman does not make me any lesser in anything and to make me believe in that, my brother would often tell me inspiring stories about women.

Women who inspired me to follow my dreams, women who made me believe in myself, women who brought a revolution by making women stand for themselves.

And today I am writing about some of the women who really inspires me and help me get better.  

Amelia Earhart– My brother told me her story when I was in my teen years, I was having a bad day and didn’t wanted to go back to school because I was getting bullied by some classmates who would often try to convince me that I am a looser.

And when I heard her story, it helped me stand up for myself, in fact it inspired me and gave wings to my dreams.

The women who made history by flying solo across Atlantic in 1932, becoming the first women pilot in the world & made everyone realized that women are born to fly, to be a leader, & that women’s can achieve anything.



Oprah Winfrey – The woman is an inspiration to billions of people across the world and am one of them. Oprah Winfrey faced many hardships but she never gave up, she faced every hardship and emerged as a leader.

I have immense respect for her and her journey shows us how strong woman can be.


Ela Bhatt– I still remember the day when my Mom told me the story of Ela Bhatt- the founder of SEWA. We were shopping at a local market when we saw a woman getting harassed by her employer and I got really angry and told mom that I want to do something for women like her and in return mom told me the story of how Ela Bhatt founded SEWA, an organization to help women stand on their feet and also ensure their rights.

And it is really amazing to see that SEWA now have over 1.7 million self employed women.


Arunima Sinha – A woman of today, she can be called a girl next door, a simple & ordinary women who was on her way to take an examination to join CISF in and was pushed out of the running train by thieves in 2011 while she was resisting them. One of her legs had to be amputated below the knee as a result.

Now you must be wondering what was so extra-ordinary about this ordinary women?

The story after the incident makes her extra ordinary, the story of her courage, Arunima Sinha became the first women amputee in the world to climb Mt Everest.  

She told the world that nothing is impossible, she gave a message to every women that no matter how hard the journey is, you can conquer the world.



Malini Agrawal – A women who turned her hobby into business and that too a very successful one. Founder of Miss Malini which is India’s first and most popular celebrity lifestyle blog and what amuses me is her journey.

A women who came to Mumbai with 2 suitcases and a dream, shared an apartment with six girls & a pigeon and started her career as a professional dancer. I mean from a professional dancer to a celebrity blogger, she has surely came a long way and is an inspiration to a lot of bloggers including me.

Now these are just some of the women I look up to for inspiration as the list is quite bigger because the world is full of inspiring women , So look around, see the women who are taking the step for a better future, women who are making a choice by giving themselves a chance & get inspired.

Remember that #EveryWomanIsALeader and that is why I want to ask every women who is reading this post to take that step and follow your dreams and also to support the women who are taking the step and if you have stories about women’s which you think can inspire other women’s or have thoughts on Women in Leadership than participate in the beautiful blogging contest by  

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