A young woman jumped off the balcony of a first floor flat to escape the rapists who had assaulted her. Five men had raped the 30-year-old woman in East Delhi on Sunday. They were arrested after she managed to escape.

The fact that she had to jump from the flat, caused injuries to both her legs. The five men were charged for gangrape, illegal confinement and unnatural sex. The woman, who is a mother of two, lives in South Delhi, and was taken to the East Delhi flat by a friend on the pretext of a party. He was one of the five involved in the crime.

The survivor told the police that they had forced her to have alcohol and had locked her inside, threatening to harm her badly if she tried to escape. She finally escaped at 5:30 am.

Investigation is on in the case, said the police.

These kinds of incidents show how despite measures being taken to ensure safety, women are still unsafe. The woman ended up trusting her friend and co-worker, who said that they were going for a party. Little did she know what was on his mind. If women can’t trust the people they work with, and always have to live in fear of such incidents, we will never progress as a society. The police acted quickly, but despite the arrest of rapists, the first thing that needs to change is the mentality of men towards women.

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