Actor David Schwimmer has produced a series of short films about sexual harassment. The films feature actors like Cynthia Nixon, Emmy Rossum and others and depict uncomfortable situations that women have to face.

The six films aim to raise awareness against sexual harassment and are hashtagged #ThatsHarassment.

The director of the films is an Israeli American artist who has been in some of the situations that the film portrays. She had made the films in Israel a few years ago, and approached Schwimmer for help in making the films’ American versions.

The films are titled — the Coworker, the Actor, the Boss, the Doctor, the Photographer and the Politician — showing how harassment can happen anywhere. In one scene, a woman and her boss were working late at night, and he kisses her without her consent. He says that he was just trying to show her how much her appreciates her.

He apologises right after, saying, “Are we good? Nothing happened. I just wanted to show you how great you are.”

Though the woman is clearly uncomfortable, she is unsure how to react. The two part ways saying they will see each other at work the next day.

“I grew up with stories of sexual harassment from my mom. Every woman in my family, in my life, has been harassed, except my daughter, thank god, who’s only 6,” Schwimmer told Cosmopolitan.

He says that when you have been objectified, sometimes it becomes hard to identify what is and what isn’t sexual harassment.

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