Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of  Ellevest, a digital investment platform for women, is telling women not to lose heart after Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election. In her post on LinkedIn, she highlights how women have a lot of power and should come together.

Here are 6 highlights from her post:

1. She says that women should mentor, sponsor and talk up other women.

2. She urges women to invest in markets and close the gender investing gap, and to invest in women-run companies.

3. Women should run for office and motivate other women to run for office, too.

4. She urges women to fund other women’s business through crowdfunding sites.

5. Agitate for mandated parental leave, she says, at least at the company level.

6. She also asks women to talk openly with their children about these issues, and why the fight isn’t over.

Her positive words are refreshing and empowering. She urges women to take responsibility for changing the system themselves.

“This isn’t about excluding the men. It’s about including women. If women earn more, it grows the economy. If women invest more, it unleashes capital to grow businesses. It’s a net win for all of us,” she says.

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