I seldom them understand luxury but I realised the luxury could even be about simplicity. And that thought kind of resonated with me. I was moderating session on sustainable luxury at The Luxury League. Luckily for me it went beyond discussing the idea of fashion and fabric to the notion of making your heritage more about people and public spaces. What was the most fascinating was how the word luxury and sustainability are no longer misnomers. Perhaps they should be the two sides of the same coin?

For anyone to define luxury into this context there has to be an understanding and a belief that it’s about creativity and it’s about the pursuit of excellence. My panel discussion was with three articulate ambassadors of art and culture. Artist Bharti Kher, Parliamentarian Pawan Verma and brand strategist Slyvie Pollete. Bharti Kher spoke about the need to make art and its various forms accessible to people at large. In that way she argue would not only be would make our heritage and culture scalable but also make it about being inherent to a society and its growth. Culture is who we are as a people she explained. Her whole argument was to suggest that in India we need to celebrate the art and heritage that we have been gifted as part of our legacy. Pawan Varma agreed with Bharti but added that there was a role both governments and artists had in an effort to make luxury sustainable.

Responsible Luxury, Meaningful And Sustainable

One of the key tenets of the conversation was about making luxury responsible responsible for various aspects of how such art form comes into existence. Whether it’s about engaging artisans, craftspeople, or be it the unorganised sector or celebrating in your own talent on the global seen there are lots of important missing links that need to attention. Sylvie Polette said, “for making luxury sustainable we need to look at creativity and vision as a means to achieving sustainability there is a duty that every luxury brand has and that should be part of it sustainability plan.” She added that India was at the cusp of a big jump in luxury consumption and understanding of large global brands. But none would be successful if they didn’t use luxury as a means to perform the duties of a conscious brand towards public.

To be fearless and fierce with our design and creativity Sylvie insisted we needed to think of individuality and celebrate those who are trying to imbibe culture and art from history to make it something unique. She made references to technology and digital and the infinite possibilities with the young generation. Bharti added to that comment says no nation can rise and growth if we don’t encourage a good understanding of ideas and culture to a new population and most importantly make our heritage accessible to them through the 800 plus museums India has.

Bharti said art was something that should be more inclusive than exclusive. She reflected on the numbers and how India needs to change its approach to its heritage in an effort to make it more popular and widespread for the public to enjoy and understand. She admitted that the notion that people do not understand or not whether it’s fashion clothing fabric design interiors fine not on anything