The presence of a leader is inevitable. We are often guided by a leader and their strong presence. Everyone has a leadership quality in them; be it men or women. Whether in business, arts, sports, culture, travel, food or any other field or genre.

This quality is seen in people when they receive some kind of encouragement and motivation from us. Not only Men but Women too have been great leaders.

There must be an instance in your life when you’ve come across a woman who  made a striking impact in the society. Be it a neighbour who took the plunge to travel alone and be successful, or your friend who struggled through the difficulties and emerged as a winner, your teachers, your gurus, or even your mother who spent her life building other people’s lives!

This is your opportunity to express your thoughts on the ‘Women in Leadership’. And leadership defined across ideas and notions, across genres and fields. Leadership as a quality.

We at believe that every woman has a leader insider her and if you believe the same then we are awaiting to hear many such stories from you.

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EMPOWER: How organizations can foster an environment of empowering women as employees?

ENGAGE: What kind of conversations can help change the future of women at work?

ELEVATE: How do inspiring stories elevate women of the future and help them raise the bar?

Word limit:

A minimum of 500 words in English.


You can submit your entry by 12 pm on 1st June 2015. So hurry up and join the bandwagon!


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