Harold Dwayne English, the man who molested Danyelle Dyer when she was a child, has moved into a house next to her. Dyer, now 21, had been repeatedly molested by English when she was a 7-year-old child in Bristol, Oklahoma. He is her father’s stepbrother and had come to visit the family over the summer. He continued molesting her, until Dyer told her parents what was happening. He was tried and convicted, and spent 14 years in prison.

Now that he is out of prison, he has moved in with Dyer’s grandmother, who lives less than 100 yards from Dyer’s house. If she looks outside, she can see the entire house, she told CNN.  Unfortunately, there is no law that stops an abuser from living so close to his victim. Dyer posted a photo of her abuser on her Facebook page. “Meet my abuser and my new neighbour.

“He has been asked to leave, but in Oklahoma, he can legally reside there,” her post reads. “My hope is to bring awareness that this information is public record and you should use it for your safety. And also make it aware that there is obvious flaws in Oklahoma Law regarding victim safety and well being,” she writes in the post.

She and her family have put up signs around the neighbourhood to warn people that English lives there. They have also organised a rally in Bristol to protest Oklahoma laws.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking knowing that he’s so close. It brings back memories and emotions that I have hidden and put away and I don’t want to think about… Him moving in is the first time I’ve ever felt like a true victim,” Dyer told Broadly.

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Picture Credit: Tribunist