The Department of English at Delhi University has  reportedly sent a proposal to the academic council for a new syllabus which recommends the inclusion of Chetan Bhagat’s novel “Five Point Someone: What not to do at IIT!“. If this proposal is approved by the executive council then Bhagat’s bestselling novel will be studied as part of the Popular Fiction Paper in the General Elective Course.

Chetan Bhagat took to twitter to express his happiness.

The students, however, stand divided on this probable inclusion. SheThePeople.TV spoke to some students of Delhi University to get a sense of what the students feel about it.

Alka Rao, alumna from Delhi University, says:

Well, to be honest his books sort of comes under pop-fiction. I don’t see any problem in studying one book and understanding how writing and literature have evolved in pop-fiction.

Alka further supported the department’s proposal by adding that popular books like his remain a gateway to reading, as his books are readily accessible and easy to understand.

Alka isn’t the only one happy with this move. Vrinda Lakra, currently pursuing English Honours from Delhi University, read the book a few years ago. She says,”His work in this specific book is commendable. It depends on the motive on which this decision is supposed to be made. I am not fond of the said person, but what does it have to do with his work?”

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The novel revolves around the abysmal condition of our education system and Vrinda feels that students would definitely relate to this. Calling this as a “reformatory measure”, she says,”Some parents still pressurise their children to fetch good grades, so that they can go have themselves tagged with some fancy education degree rather than letting them explore themselves. The book is a great way to bring those realities to surface”.

The book is a great way to bring realities to surface – Vrinda Lakra

“Being a literature student, I think a lot of stuff we study is monotonous and fails to evince any interest. Such novels can make literature interesting for students since they have been written in the contemporary era and can be comprehended much easily”, shares Ayushi Jain, another student from Delhi University.

Rashi Malhotra, an English Honours student studying in the same university, feels that it is not only the story but the quality of writing that must be given the utmost importance when we talk about literature. “I don’t think Chetan Bhagat’s novel is an ideal read for a college student. It is the phase wherein kids should be exposed to contemporary issues rather than diverting their attention towards cliche personal stories.”

Five Point Someone is also not the kind of book that teaches us about any kind of historical or philosophical lessons. -Poorvi Gupta

English student Poorvi Gupta, an alumna of Delhi University, says,”I don’t know why and how Chetan Bhagat can be counted as part of the BA course in DU. It is supposed to be one of the most popular courses at DU and Chetan Bhagat writes the kind of books children read while they are just beginning to develop a reading habit in their schools. Five Point Someone is also not the kind of book that teaches us about any kind of historical or philosophical lessons.”

The academic council is yet to review the proposal.

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