A Canadian judge has banned an anti-abortion group from displaying graphic anti-abortion ads on buses in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

The advertisement displayed foetal images and read “Abortion kills children. End the killing.”

The judge wrote that people would not understand the full ad, and the words ‘kill children’ may be disturbing for those who read it.

“Expression of this kind may lead to emotional responses from the various people who make use of public transit and other users of the road, creating a hostile and uncomfortable environment”, ruled the court.

In response, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform said that their freedom of speech was being curtailed.  On commenting on the graphic imagery which the group often uses to get its point across, CCBR said that these kinds of images prevent people from turning a blind eye.

“We must use images of the atrocity of abortion to tear away the flimsy facade of ‘choice’ and reveal what is being chosen: the decapitation, dismemberment, and disembowelment of an innocent pre-born child,” it says on its website.

City officials had been fighting a two-year court battle with the organisation and the appeals court has finally ruled in the city’s court.

This is a tricky one since it involves the right to freedom of speech. Can freedom of speech be curtailed, and where is the line between speaking your mind and being harmful to society? While Canada has ruled that these ads can be detrimental to society, the CCBR continues to cite that theirs is a message that is just as valid as anyone else’s, even though everyone may not agree with it.

What do you think?

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