Empower. Engage. Elevate.

Boost Your Business is a high energy meet of women entrepreneurs who are engaged in businesses online and using social media as a tool to grow and sell. It’s an opportunity for women to acquire new skills, learn and leverage the power of social media to maximise business returns and become a social brand.


Small businesses are present on Facebook and use the platform as an engine of growth. 92% of people searching social media for local businesses, do it on Facebook. Boost Your Business is a unique opportunity for women to converge and explore the power of being a social influencer and drive their businesses to achieve higher goals.

We invite women achievers, work from home entrepreneurs, small business owners, social media managers, startup founders to be part of a spectacular conversation, and a workshop to learn how to leverage social media better for your business.

We will be hosting Boost Your Business in Trivandrum Soon

The event is FREE but strictly by registration so fill in the form and let us know of your interest to be there. Join us

Speakers. Learning. Influence. Opportunities

  • Great ideas, learning, workshops and empowerment

  • Highly interactive sessions, meet and discuss

  • Embracing
    tech and social media

  • Networking & Influence: How to lead as a social influencer